Snow, Snow and more Snow

I can’t resist a view that is transformed by snow. It rarely outstays its welcome here so it remains a novelty. I drew the line at making a snowman but I did dash outside for a few pictures.

View from the bedroom window

View from the bedroom window

Outside the conservatory

Outside the conservatory

Hat of snow on a garden sculpture

Hat of snow on a garden sculpture

Bird feeder

Bird feeder

Do you know why a black cat never stand still in the snow ?

Because he will turn into a white cat :-)

Halki getting his paws wet

Halki getting his paws wet

It has been snowing for six hours. Will it continue?

I wonder what the garden will look like tomorrow. The cats will be very irritated – they prefer dry ground.


Gravatar 1 Judy@GrandparentsPlus2 { 01.18.13 at 6:35 pm }

I’m with the cats – I prefer dry ground but don’t think I’ll see any until April. Enjoy your snow.

Gravatar 2 VP { 01.18.13 at 6:42 pm }

Funny how we’ve all gone ‘snow mad’ today :)

Our cats refused to go outside – they’ve been on central heating duty all day.

Gravatar 3 Lucy Corrander { 01.18.13 at 6:54 pm }

You didn’t make a snowman? You DIDN’T make a snowman! Maybe tomorrow?

Ours came down as slush and slithered away. So sad!

Gravatar 4 Helen/patientgardener { 01.18.13 at 8:10 pm }

We have had 11 hours of snow today. My cat has decided to venture out few times, she disappears for about 30 minutes walking strangely and then returns wet and cold and we have to dry her off!

Gravatar 5 catharinehoward { 01.18.13 at 8:40 pm }

Oh that lovely monochrome light. I went out this morning and felt I was in a Bosch landscape.

Gravatar 6 Judith { 01.18.13 at 11:05 pm }

What snowy weather we are having. My two little dogs are getting frostbite on their bellies. We have had quite a bit of snow tonight, wonder how much more is coming our way. I like snowy photo’s too. gives everything a fresh clean and tidy look.

Gravatar 7 Shirley { 01.18.13 at 11:08 pm }

So very spooky for me to be seeing all the snow gardens in England and ours only started to get white at around 5pm tonight. We’ve an icing sugar covering for now and I’ve got a snow sense that tells me it won’t be that deep come morning – I wonder if I’ll be accurate. No cats in this household – our guinea pig family are quite happy with their indoors winter home so no footprints from them ;-)

Gravatar 8 sweetbay { 01.19.13 at 2:29 am }

Your garden looks lovely in the snow!

Gravatar 9 Janet/Plantaliscious { 01.19.13 at 10:04 pm }

Impossible to resist snowy photos isn’t it, we all seem to be doing a version of “I’ll show you mine if you’ll show me yours”. I love it.